Making a Cheese Platter 2

What Types of Cheese Should I Buy?

When you're buying cheese for a cheese platter, think about making each cheese different from the others in some way. Texture and flavor are the two big things to consider.

For example, serving 3 hard cheeses is less interesting than serving one hard cheese (pecorino), one semi-soft cheese (Quadrello di Bufala) and one really soft cheese (Camembert).

Similarly, serving three types of cheese that have very different flavors (such as a blue cheese, a triple cream cheese and an aged cheese) is much more interesting than serving three types of cheese that taste pretty much the same. One easy way to avoid buying cheese that tastes too similar is to select cheeses that are each made from a different type of milk. Serve at least one goats' milk cheese, one sheeps' milk and one cows' milk cheese.


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• Do I Want the Cheese to Have a Theme?

As you choose cheeses that have different textures and flavors, consider having a theme for the cheese platter that ties everything together. This isn't necessary, but can be fun. Some themes to consider:

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